Global Philanthropy News

BYU students make prosthetic socket to aid amputees in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Civil War took a lot from its people. For the survivors, the crude amputations made fitting prosthetics difficult. But within a year, an affordable prosthetic socket designed by a group of Brigham Young University mechanical engineering students could start to change thousands of lives.


Elaine Coates prepares humanitarian aid travel to Uganda

A TOOWOOMBA woman is preparing for a trip of a lifetime, to help change the lives of less fortunate young people.Women in Harmony music director, Elaine Coates, will travel to Uganda in September as part of a humanitarian aid trip with organisation KwaYa Australia.

Students doing “The Small Act” to help fellow teens in Kenya

Jewish teens have launched a big project to help youths in Africa, and their incentive came from the movie, “The Small Act.” With the help of Christian and Muslim teens, the different faiths will stage the “African Dinner” to assist teens in Kenya who wish to attend high school.


Connecticut charity devoted to uplifting African villages

A charity based in New Haven, Malawi Farmers Inc., has dedicated itself to bringing reliable, clean water to the villages of Chikwawa. Formed last year, MFI’s core mission is to help lift these villagers out of poverty. Providing them a source of sustainable, safe water would have a huge impact on village life.

Bloomberg Hit With $60M Lawsuit for Ending African TV Deal After Bad Publicity

In a $60 million lawsuit filed on Wednesday in New York federal court, Optima Media Group is attributing a decision by Bloomberg LLP to walk away from an African television partnership to negative publicity.


Chevron executive ending career that changed corporate philanthropy

He built multimillion-dollar programs in Angola to fight sickle cell disease, in Colombia, to reduce mother and child death rates, and in the Niger Delta, to root out poverty and conflict.


Philanthropy and new ways to look at acts of charity

The Year of Giving’s first national retreat, which took place this month, brought together more than 100 ministers, officials and community leaders to carve out the strategic framework for what promises to be a visionary year.

Bill Gates says this is the most beautiful chart in the world

On February 16, the billionaire philanthropist tweeted a chart describing the decline of child-mortality figures between 1990 and 2015. Among children 5 years and younger, advances and investments in medical science have led to 6 million fewer deaths around the world.


Epic African adventure for charity

Kevin Lawrence, Angus Wingfield and Will Sergi will take part in an 8,000km rally across five African countries in 18 days. They will travel through South Africa, Nambia, Botswana, Zambia and Malawi.


 Venture philanthropy to provide jobs, empower women in Nigeria, Africa

Venture philanthropists seeking to make strong social impact in Africa have affirmed their desire to help the continent’s business and political leaders channel their resources more effectively to solve the problems of youth unemployment, underperforming educational system, infrastructure decay, and other social issues.

Here’s Another Powerful Player Focusing on Digital “New Collar” Jobs in Africa

IBM has been on a campaign to support the 21st-century workforce and has its sights set on Africa. This makes sense given that 600 million people in Africa are under the age of 25. If you want to find lots of young workers, this is a good place to look.


Oprah Winfrey to speak at Smith College commencement

Winfrey’s philanthropy includes the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, which will celebrate its seventh graduating class and the school’s tenth anniversary in October 2017.  The school provides education to academically gifted girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

One Other Little Item on Bloomberg’s Agenda: Empowering African Women

Bloomberg Philanthropies Women’s Economic Development program is a project of a different kind. It targets women as a vital part of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic development in rapidly growing industries like agricultural production, tourism and construction.