Saturday, March 17, 2018

New Insights On How African NGOs Use Technology Today

The 2018 Global NGO Technology Report published by Nonprofit Tech for Good Founder, Heather Mansfield, and sponsored by Public Interest Registry studies how NGOs worldwide use web and email communications, online fundraising tools, social media, mobile technology, and data management and security software. This year, the report is based upon the survey results of 5,352 NGOs from 164 countries.

“Data about African development organisations is often difficult to find, which is why we partnered with Nonprofit Tech for Good and Public Interest Registry to gather data on how African NGOs (non-governmental organisations) use technology to drive their operations” said Philanthropy Circuit Founder, Katja Schiller Nwator.

The data from African NGOs, was gathered from almost 900 organisations, and provides new insights on how NGOs use technology to support their day-to-day operations, drive online awareness and funding, and ensure data security and online protection. Almost half of the organisations surveyed identified themselves as small NGOs and were mostly located in top participating countries – South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

“While there’s room for improvement in several areas, like data security and online donor management, the report provides important technology benchmarks for African, and global NGOs” said Heather Mansfield.

Take a look at some of the report highlights and infographic focused on Africa below and read the full report here:

74% of NGOs in Africa have a website. Of those, 87% are mobile compatible.

41% use WordPress as their Content Management System for their website.

★ 55% of NGOs in Africa accept online donations on their website. Of those, 65% accept direct debit payments, 50% accept credit card payments, and 35% accept PayPal.

85% of NGOs in Africa have a Facebook Page and 29% have a Facebook Group. 62% have a Twitter Profile. 39% have a LinkedIn Page and 20% have a LinkedIn Group. 30% have an Instagram Profile.

31% utilize an online peer-to-peer fundraising service.

55% of NGOs in Africa regularly send email updates and fundraising appeals to supporters and donors.

34% regularly send text messages to supporters and donors. Of those, 38% also utilize a text-to-give service for SMS fundraising.

85% of NGOs in Africa use Microsoft Windows as their operating system on desktop and laptop computers. 6% use Google Chromo OS. 4% use Apple macOS.

33% use encryption technology to protect data and communications. Of those, 25% to protect organization information. 19% to protect the privacy of email communications. 15% to protect donor information. 11% to protect the privacy of mobile communications.

Download the Infographic Here.


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